This page details the shipping of Daisuke Motomiya and Miyako Inoue from Digimon. They are known as Davis Motomiya and Yolei Inoue respectively in the dub. This shipping is known as Daiyako in the fandom.


Daisuke treats Miyako similar to his sister Jun.

They share the typical love\hate relationship.


In Adventure 02 episode 31 when Miyako, Hikari, and Ken were walking through the Dark Forest and Miyako saw Daisuke and V-mon, she got all happy and started running towards him, then ran right through him. If she had intended on stopping before reaching him, then they wouldn't run through each other suggesting she wanted to run into him.

In Digimon Hurricane Touchdown, Willis flirted with Miyako and Daisuke seem quite disappointed.

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