This page covers the shipping of Satoshi and Kasumi from Pokémon. They are known as Ash Ketchum and Misty in the dub. This shipping is known as PokéShipping in the Pokémon fandom.


  • When they first meet Kasumi is mearly following Satoshi to get him to buy her a new bike. The two clearly grow together later on.
  • In season one episode 9 Kasumi is upset at Satoshi's attraction to Yūtō Seiyo (Giselle).
  • In Season one episode 18 when Satoshi sees Kasumi in a swimsuit he stares at her and says she "looks like a girl for once" causing her to blush.
  • When Misty(kasumi) was wearing kimono, Ash (satoshi) sure found her beautiful and they shared a romantic moment
  • Most important, except for both blushing and showing jealousy when someone else comes between them... They are always fighting but care for each other in the end.. and that's what love is.. they are in love but not able to realize it..
  • And for Serena kissing Ash, we live in 21st century, kissing its mean you are in a relationship and when she kissed him, he wasn't even blushing but he was more of surprise/shocked But Ash big smile on his face after the kiss means he really loves it No doubt Serena loves Ash and ash dose kinda like her back.
  • But in case of Ash and Misty, both do love each other but unable to realize it fully as they are young but they will at the end of the series. They sure will not !! 💐 And I am saying this cuz I have proofs.. a looottt of them..! 😉
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